Monday, June 22, 2009

right now

I've got a few things going on right now:

- My national helper just sms'd. She isn't going to be able to come to HEC this week because her son has the mumps. @ spent several hours with her son on friday night (he developed the fever on Saturday/ Sunday) and so now i'm looking up "mumps" on wikipedia.

- I'm also thumbing through @'s baby book health record to see when he had that MMR shot and see when the booster is due (guessing age 5 which is 2 months away).

- I'm looking up leg problems in Mini Pins (the dog breed) to see if there is something genetic. A friend left her dog in the care of another friend. The dog has been getting shots for mange (which is something the breed is prone to) and has since developed an on again off again limp. Very odd.

- I'm directing the interns as they make banana cookies for HEC. One of them has never cooked at sea level- she's from Denver.

- I'm printing nametags for HEC.

- While going back and forth to the water cooler and checking on cookies, i'm balancing an apple on a spoon, practicing for tomorrow's relays.

- I'm paying our credit card bill and checking our bank balance.
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