Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meal Plan 17 Aug 09

Monday was a holiday (Independence). Thursday is @'s birthday. Depending on the calendar you adhere to, Friday or Saturday is the beginning of Fasting for a majority of the population here. And my houseworker has decided not to come in until Thursday. She told me on Friday as she was leaving that she was going out of town and wouldn't be at work until Thursday. It's the manner in which I was informed that I object to. I'm not sure what to do for @'s birthday because the normal house help I have may or may not come through for me. Sigh…


Cranberry muffins, cereal & yogurt, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles

Lunch/ Dinner

Monday noon: Veg Curry and Naan

Monday p.m.: Sandwiches and Fruit

Tuesday: Chicken Korma, Veg Curry, Naan

Menu: Eggs w/ Fresh Green Herbs, Toast

Menu: Spinach & Cheese Calzone

Menu: Hummus, Foccaccia, Hard Boiled Egg

**Menu: Hotdogs, Campfire Bananas, Smores—This is probably @'s Birthday dinner. I haven't confirmed with him the details on what exactly he wants but I'm guessing Hotdogs will be the request. We're trying to put together a proper campfire hotdog roast because he's never done that before. We brought Marshmallows back from Singapore (can't buy them here- not Halal) with the thought of initiating @ into the great cultural tradition that is Smores. We're having a hard time putting together roasting sticks at the moment though.

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