Friday, August 14, 2009

homeschooling with a broken arm

No kidding, I'm nearly positive @ fell on his ear and broke it. Wednesday we didn't really make an attempt to get homeschooling in. What kind of parents make there kid go to school when they broke and arm the evening before and had really terrible sleep? We read the Bible passage and reviewed the memory verse. I didn't think it would be a problem to pick up on Thursday, maybe not an aggressive catch up schedule but certainly with a slower version of the same routine. Little did I know an arm break gives you school amnesia. The child barely remembered his name. I grumbled through the day- trying to extract a memory of anything we'd talked about over the last week.

"Remember the dinosaurs from last week and cool video's we watched" --blank stare, crickets chirping.

"Remember drawing lines and matching the same objects" - hmmm

Note: New homeschooling mother did NOT kill child.

We slogged through Thursday. I skipped most of the phonics/ language arts stuff entirely- sequence a 4 step story- yeah, right. Thinking Friday we'll really get back on the horse. Not so much. Apparently it takes 3 days to recover the ability to turn on the brain. Math, normally one of his favorite lessons, couldn't manage 1 to 1 correspondence for counting! HELLO!

All of this helped simplify the decision, we aren't taking Monday off for the holiday and in fact we are doing review on Saturday. If we don't I'm pretty sure the child will never be able to turn his brain back on.
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