Monday, September 07, 2009

homeschooling update

We started week 6 of continuous homeschooling today. And overall its good. I find myself banging my head against the project table, sighing and then being amazed at how smart the kid is normally within about 1 minute. I'm beginning to learn a few things:

- don't call off school for anything. 5 yr olds can smell weakness. getting restarted is way harder than going slow.
- handwriting and 5 yr old boys are not always the dearest of friends- Rome wasn't built in a day.
- Rome is fascinating to study. As is Ancient Egypt, Greece and the Vikings.
- math is fun when manipulatives are in hand.
- kids need a minute or two to zone out every so often. It just seems like that is always the time when i'm asking the comprehension question.
- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow- if only i could make the kid understand the concept everyday.
-kid with broken arm now colors with both hands at the same time.
-i need recess as much as he does, but i think i need to hire a recess teacher.
-kid with scissors is scary- i know i'm going to loose an eye.

Overall school is going really well. This week and next we are combining Consonants and Vowels to start reading- something I think the kid will be entirely ready for. Now to know what is actually getting in the kid's head for real.
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