Monday, September 21, 2009

Id al Fitri get stuff done list

This time of year involves a lot of sitting at home unable to go anywhere. And its also nearly the time of year we start to change seasons, if we do that here. The rains are thinking about starting, in the last 2 weeks we have probably had 5 rainy evenings. And so it happens that I get a little urge to do what others might call Spring Cleaning. My houseworker is off work, meaning I do my own housework and see just how thoroughly my houseworker is doing her job. Generally it makes me think of firing my houseworker. Here's a list of some of the projects that I'm hoping on getting done this week:

-Picture Hanging- need to decide on where they go

- Closet cleaning and sorting

- Wash curtains in @'s Room, Iron

- Financial Statements

- Start making Christmas Cards

- Scrapbook pictures sitting on my table

- Sun Furniture Cushions and pillows- makes them a wee bit fresher

- Kitchen cabinet clean up, reorganize- meaning: find all the things my houseworker pushed to the back of the cabinet

- Touch up ceiling paint in dining room- we've had some leaks that have been fixed but they need a new coat of paint so that we can see when new leaks start this rainy season

- Try making medieval pouch – homeschooling- @ thought it was cool

We'll still be homeschooling everyday and really doing everything in our normal routine – just hoping to add in some of these things to get a little caught up. We've been home since Thursday so we are starting to get a little stir crazy. Planning on going around to our favorite coffee shop here in town and throw them a little business. They're one of the few places open during this holiday.

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