Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Called Out: Belgian Milk Farmers!

I know, could I be more obscure. Because when you woke up this morning you were thinking "Blast those flipping Belgian Milk Farmers!" But we have a problem here people! I was just going to go and shut down the computer and make my family a healthy breakfast but I have a nasty habit of checking the newswire and this is what I see.
These farmers are DUMPING a DAY'S worth of milk production on the field's of Belgium to protest low milk prices. The prices, they say, don't cover production costs. Now, people, we here at Curious Aside feel for the farmer. Really, we do. We grew up with farmers always wondering how to make ends meet. Sweating planting season, praying for weather and against weeds and bugs. We like to think we begin to see the plight of the farmer. BUT THIS IS MILK!!! Babies need it to survive. Mother's need it to support babies and children. Do we have to remind you, in the most trite way "THERE ARE PEOPLE DYING IN AFRICA!" and other parts of the world. And you're throwing MILK on the ground in a sign of protest. Sigh... obviously someone isn't getting the message that we're all human together. Heck, babies in China didn't get the milk they thought they were getting. They got plastic instead. Could we protest in some other way. Maybe you could throw sugar on the ground, the world would be ok with a little less sugar. But Milk. Couldn't they put in a thermos and send it somewhere instead? I'm trying to stop my mind from thinking of all the different NGO's that would gladly come to them and pick up the milk they want to throw on the ground.
I frankly, have no solution to for the farmers, nor how to stop this madness. But I have my little humble soapbox to yell from...sigh...
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