Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the mornings

Jonathan normally gets out of bed a minute or so before I do. He starts the computer (*beep* says the backup battery) and then emailing/ facebook checking begins. I get dressed and go for a bike ride. I come back 30 minutes later, @ is varying states of wakefulness (today: "come see my track) at 6:15 a.m.). I start the coffee, and the hot water heater for Jon's tea. Turn on fans, open curtains (the windows never close) and then Jonathan surrenders the computer. I begin checking email/ facebook and depending on time I run through a set of blogs, women who inspire me, make me curious etc.

Gretchen-Got to check in on the fam
Owlhaven- 10 kids, for real
Ali Edwards I should take more pics
Tanya - I miss Africa and she reminds me of life there
Nienie- another brave woman
The Happy Housewife- i still need lessons
Journey Mama- she makes me wonder at the world, much more brave and daring than i am
Singapore Photos- its one of my favorite places to visit and he takes great pics

at the same time I scan a few newstories today's list
Indonesias latest earthquakes
60th anniversary of China
Chicago's Olympic bid

My computer time normally take about45 minutes, Jonathan's takes 20. I try to get everything in before breakfast because i probably won't get a chance to come back to the computer for a while (homeschooling) but I also get interrupted every 2 seconds. I read every sentence twice because I need to "stop mom, and see this" "mom look what I'm doing" "actually..." That is at least half of my 45 minutes.

Now I've been trying to write for 5 minutes, I've stopped 3 times to see the tower of rice krispies to tell @ where the cereal container is in the cabinet and to ask @ not to lean on the cooler lid. Suppose I should get breakfast started now...
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