Monday, October 12, 2009

Meal Plan

Last week we finished off lots of odds and ends. I cooked a bit but mostly it was adding something to an additional leftover to make it a meal. Lots of repurposing going on in the fridge. But in all of that I remembered an old friend, Homemade Tomato Soup. When we were in Africa, I made tomato soup all of the time. I even made the tomato sauce and paste. But here I don't make as many soups. Yes, its hot and that doesn't put you in a soup mood necessarily but I make and bake all manner of other wintery things. Anyway, Jonathan was going to be gone. We didn't have much in the way of real leftovers at that moment but I remembered 2 bag of tomato paste from half used jars (don't ask how that happens). It also happened to be the day that @ was supposed to experiment with yeast for his science experiment- thus Tomato Soup and Fresh Bread was born again in our hearts. I don't think I had made it since being in Africa and @ loved it- he'd never had it before, or at least not that he could remember. Happy day for everyone. Jonathan got home later and was thrilled to fine an old friend on the stove.

Monday noon: smothered pork, naan, leftover steamed veg
Monday p.m. BBQ Tempeh, Baked Potato
Menu: Ful, Naan, Feta Cheese (found it at the store again finally)
Menu: Potato Pie (from @'s homeschool lesson), Indian Meatballs, Green Veg
Menu: Polish Sausage and Kraut (hold over from 2 + weeks ago)
Menu: Tortillas, Refried Beans, Taco Meat (in the freezer), Salsa
Menu: Pumpkin Soup, Bread (might become tomato soup)

Planning to roast a pumpkin this week to make pumpkin pie and will probably have some leftovers to go into a soup. In homeschool we're covering the Native Americans and Early Colonists and some of the things they ate. The books come with some rather British interpretations of Pumpkin Pie. They say its how the early colonists made it but I don't know. Going to give it a try because it doesn't sound bad, just a little more complicated.

Also found discount Apples at the grocery today. They're bruised but that means good saucing apples. Jonathan and @ are both rather fond of homemade applesauce and cheap apples are way cheaper than the can stuff here.
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