Monday, October 26, 2009

meal plan- watercolor edition, oh & burying the lead

Yesterday @ was watercoloring at the project table. He really wanted someone to work with him. I did a sunset and painted another picture. He wasn't done. I needed to get on to some list making and thinking for the week ahead. But it occured to me, what hinders me from watercoloring my grocery list? I wrote the menu plan in crayola marker but the grocery list is in watercolor. Seemed like a good use of time and energy.
Sadly the menu plan is already somewhat sprained. I planned to do Zuchini Garden Chowder today for lunch, but somehow the zuchini's I bought turned out to be cucumbers. Not sure how that happened. So the Cukes become freezer pickles along with the last red onion. Perhaps this week i'll have better luck at buying Zuchs instead of Cukes.
From the oven this week:
Granola- been meaning to make it for 2 weeks
Mango/ Applesauce- thought it sounded like something to try
Monster cookies and Choco-Raisin Cookies- for Jonathan to take back to school for his students.
**Jonathan just walked in and he has a work visa, his police book, and his passport in hand! He is officially finished with immigration!!
Now if only @ and I could get our paperwork...
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