Tuesday, October 13, 2009

why i'm not a happy housewife

So normally @ calls the shots on breakfast. Sometimes his ideas are thrown out on account of time or availability but for the most part he chooses within given choices. So today he called out waffles. And we all like waffles. I had come back from an early successful bike ride. I was feeling good (and already you know what we're in for). So i set about making waffles from a fellow blogger. The recipe looks lovely and you put everything in the blender- perfect for borderline carpal tunnel girl. I've made this recipe 5 or so different times- its always given me trouble but the last 2 batches from each recipe gives perfect beautiful waffles. Thus i persist in trying. So today i loaded the waffle iron with extra oil and set the timer. The waffles were so badly stuck that it pulled the griddles out of their locked position. Jonathan and i each took a griddle and started scraping. @ ate the bowl of crumbs. I poured in more oil to the freshly washed, reheated griddles. Slightly better, the scraps retained their waffle shape but without a middle. The project i started at 7:00a.m. has yeilded 4 waffle scraps and the need to rewash the griddles and its 8:30a.m. I haven't showered or started homeschool. Past angry, the waffle batter becomes pancake batter. The pancakes sticks to a well heated Teflon pan- no kidding folks. Now there is no happy housewife in me, there's is crazed manic killer housewife with a vendetta. And thus, the recipe is in the trash. And no i'm not going to link to it. Generally I like people, I wouldn't wish this on you.
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