Thursday, November 26, 2009

meal planning, homeschooling and the feast of the sacrifice

I made a meal plan this week and we stuck to it just fine. Only thing is that it was very short and constituted eating whatever would get in the way of the defrosting turkeys in the fridge. The good news is that I had plenty of room because i've been thinking ahead- good on me.

Presently I'm trying to remember what I did last year with the whole cook a turkey and travel 1 1/2 hrs thing because it worked terrifically. Only problem is that I don't remember exactly how I did it. So I'm a little up in my head about the whole thing. Just harrangued Jonathan about finding an empty rubbermaid so that I can wash it out tonight. We have some newspaper and I remember the fleece Illini blanket being involved along with the motherload of foil. I have the same Large Cooking Bags. Problem is that this year's turkey is substantially bigger...hmmm...

@ had school this week. We weren't real fussy about the whole thing. Monday - Wednesday we did all subjects. Today we held back and just got in the Bible, History and Reading bits. We made a few turkey crafts too. Including a crazy turkey hat for the crazy hat dance that is something of a tradition amongst our friends (its a rather odd story, surely I'll come to it). We also made a rather complicated turkey can but no link because it took too much modification to make the link worthwhile. And we'll do some more pilgrims and indians stuff tomorrow as we are in the car.

And tomorrow, while we celebrate thanksgiving, our across the street neighbors will be celebrating Eid Al Adha, the feast of the sacrifice. Tonight while I was making dinner, I heard a vaguely familiar wail in front of the house. A little like a man dieing but maybe not. Sure enough, the goat was being delivered. I took note of the fact that my neighbors aren't home, their house staff is. My guess is they will be at prayer most of the evening, not sleeping, but also not enduring their goat. While I am at home, also praying, but for sleep, while enduring their goat. The goat has settled down a bit with night fall but he's still a bit skittish. Painting a picture in my head presently of a grumpy me awake in the morning while my neighbors, who have by then sacrificed their goat, sleep. I need to raise the turkey myself next year.
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