Monday, November 16, 2009

Meal Plan 16 Nov

The last two weeks I just haven't made time to post meal plans. I've made them, but sitting to post it hasn't happened. Jonathan started back to teaching and trying to catch up for 6 weeks in 3. And presently he doesn't have a motorbike license which means a lot of trading off vehicles and child and back and forth. But we've eaten. And more than expected, we've eaten at home.

Monday noon: Orik Arik, Rice, Tempeh
Monday p.m.: Curried Chicken Salad - you should try this!, toast, grapes
Menu: Spinach Tomato Omelet, Naan
Menu: Grilled Chicken Breast, Sour Cream Noodle Packet, Steam Veg
Menu: Baked Potato, Brocolli, Shredded Carrot, Cheese
Menu: Ful, Naan, Feta

Apples were on sale last week so applesauce is on the dessert and treat list.

I got a chance to make Granola the other week- heavenly.

I bought cucumbers by mistake the other week, happiest mistake i've made it a while. Pulling out the last box of freezer pickles this week. May need to make that mistake again.

Ful is easy to prepare if you have beans ready. 35 min in the pressure cooker. Pack into old peanut butter jars, cool, freeze = 1 can of beans.
Stew chicken 20 mins in the pressure cooker and make the chicken salad.

I shred carrot on top of everything (not really) but shredded carrot is pretty.

Go on over to India Snacks. You don't need a recipe for Chai, but you should refresh your memory at how deliciously easy it is. And then use their curry powder recipe (which is how i stumbled onto the site). Then try some kind of other goodness. These are pretty user friendly.

We'll be alternating Mango Lassi's and Chai for the next few days...
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