Sunday, November 15, 2009

A vacuum cleaner

@ comes into room carrying his loose change. Mostly 100 and 200 Local Currency coins , worth 1 to 2 pennies.

@: look at all the money I have.

Me: that's a lot of money. You're rich.

@: I'm bigger rich.

Me: what are you going to do with all that money?

@: I'm going to buy stuff when I grow up.

Me: what kind of stuff would you buy?

@: a vacuum cleaner.

Me: A vacuum cleaner. Why a vacuum cleaner?

@: to clean the house.

Me: what would you clean with the vacuum cleaner.

@: the floors in my house.

Me: Do you need a vacuum for the floors in your house.

@: I will.

Me: What kind of floors will you have?

@: I don't know.


@ has lived in a carpeted house for maybe 9 months of his 5 years of life. Where he got the idea that he needed a vacuum is beyond me. Vacuum cleaners are one of my least favorite appliances and I never miss not using them.

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