Tuesday, April 06, 2010

in which i rattle on

I haven't really thought about much lately. Not to sit and notice the world. My brain has been kind of absorbed on the incessant queasey feeling in my stomach. Trying to figure out why it is queasey and how I could avoid that in the future. Its really not getting many anywhere. I've slogged through meal planning and frugality because I really don't feel like it. I've done ok at prepping homeschool everyday because I really can't get in the mood to be excited about anything when I'm queasey. And I'm bothered by that. I like frugality, meal planning and homeschooling. But March has been a protracted break.

Today I thought about homeschooling math programs. @ may very well be in a school building next year but I think he would still have fun with Miquon Math. And it would keep his head in the game for homeschooling when we return here.

I was proud of myself for thinking through a spreadsheet problem patiently.

I stood in line for 20 minutes at the KFC mostly because I was too lame to solve the dinner problem after being at dance in the afternoon. At the KFC I was the oldest person in the room by 15 years. It seems KFC is a choice afterschool hangout here for the teen set. Would I ever think that the KFC is a place to hang out?

Jonathan has been teaching a film class. Its all he really talks about. He gets excited when he gets to teach something new. I think it makes teaching the other old subjects more fun for him. But the film class is something that @ gets to participate in too. This week Jonathan needs to review "The Wizard of Oz" before teaching on Thursday. So @ is suggesting things for Jonathan to teach his students, questions to ask them. Some of them are very insightful questions.

I haven't drank coffee in a month and I'm sorry about it. I miss it a bit. Not because I'm having withdrawal just because it seems such a friendly routine. Actually Jonathan commented on how nicely I've stopped drinking coffee. It was just all of a sudden one day I didn't make coffee. Mom says drink tea. Tea doesn't seem as friendly of a morning routine for me. I put my morning glass of milk in a coffee mug this morning. Maybe I just need the mug. It helped a little. The mug is familiar. I think I'll be able to go back to it in another week or so. Maybe I'll try it with with milk. I take my coffee black but I can be flexible. Its decaf for heaven's sake, obviously I'm willing to make due.
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