Saturday, May 29, 2010

how i know homeschooling worked out ok this year

Sunday morning is kind of a relaxed time of our week. We have a leisurely breakfast together. Read news. Play games. Color. Couch Church. Maybe a little laundry. Tell stories together.

This Sunday @ sat at the project table while I cleaned Dorothy's fishbowl. Jonathan polished on a final exam. Itunes played. @ was busy inventing a game that consists of sliding playdoh containers into a large tower of playdoh containers. I asked about the game. He explained that this game actually came from Southern Chile. He went to our world map and proceeded to point out the region of Southern Chile it came from and yes, he found Chile on an unmarked map. Then he told me about a similar game played in Greenland (child points to Greenland on an unmarked map) but they stack dice in Greenland instead of playdoh containers. Then he explained about how the Northern and Southern Countries play different versions. Correctly pointing to North and South.

@ is 5. I'm feeling pretty awesome about the decision to homeschool.
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