Friday, June 18, 2010

8 days

We leave for the US in 8 days. And that isn't traumatizing to say. And that in and of itself, is a miracle to say.

The last time we left a country we had a little bit more than 8 days to figure out how to leave for good and never come back. That was not easy and was very traumatizing. But now here we are and I have time to write a cool and mostly collected blog. So nice. We've thought alot over the last month or so how far our healing has come, how grateful and thankful we are for healing; how (to some extent) this has worked together for the good. We're thankful.

So what's on the docket for 8 days?
- Farewell party with friends from University (because I've learned how infinitely important saying "goodbye" is).

- Casual get togethers with other friends on different days. For lunches, for coffee.

- Having a man come and look to see if the water tank can take an easy fix or if its going to be the hard fix. Really praying for the easy fix. The hard fix involves repiping part of the house. We're blessed with friends who will oversee that while we're gone, but not really something you want to have to have done. This is actually weighing on me quite a bit.

- Packing, need to sort out the luggage and set up the folding table for the staging area of the pack zone.

- Putting away- the computer, the stackable trays, the last of the homeschool materials

- Take the baby mattress somewhere and have sheets ordered for it. Meant to get that done this week but I did silly other things like establishing auto-debit at the bank for all of our bills and changing our internet and satellite service.

Yeah, I'm trying to think of other stuff but that's pretty much it. Loving that. I have a couple of bins of stuff to give away and a couple of bags that need to be thrown away. Still none of that is stressful.

I've thought about the snacks and drinks I want to bring on the airplane (I'm pregnant and often thirsty). I've thought about the clothes for @ for the airplane. I guess I could think about my clothes for the airplane. I had a brillant idea for a father's day gift for Jonathan but kind of have put that off on the idea that I'm flying him to the USA and that seems like a lot.

Yeah, for 8 days, life is good and all in all blessed beyond measure.
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