Friday, June 25, 2010

something like 24 hours

I know, look at me, coolly blogging away time I should be finishing preparations. I think we're in good shape. Jonathan did lots of putting away things yesterday while I took @ to see Toy Story 3 (which will be the subject of a future blog). It was a good use of time because he needed a reason to get out of the house so that someone could get work done. @ is trying to stay entertained but we can't be in charge of entertainment and pack at the same time. He's helped some when I've given him direction but sometimes I have a hard time defining what I want him to do. Oh well.

Today's jobs:
- bring selected toys to a friend's house. She has kids over sometimes and thought it might be fun to freshen her toy shelf while we are gone and no one else is using them.

- Store @'s toys in his room- i think this will be during play time this afternoon. Just inside the wardrobe and throwing a sheet over the bookshelf.

-Pack carry ons and be realistic.

- Send Jonathan to the airport with 2 rubbermaid containers to see how frightfully overweight they are. I am a REALLY GOOD packer (for airplanes, I don't do domestic moves). Therefore I can get 70+ lbs in a 20 gallon rubbermaid. And, what's worse, I can still lift it. I can't lift 70lbs at any other time but if its luggage at the airport, you'll see me moving rubbermaids like a bodybuilder. Once I packed a refrigerator box full of baby things to take to Africa. I was sure it wasn't 70lbs because I could lift it. It was 110lbs. I had to unpack it at the airport counter and repack into another bag. But now the airline limits are 50lbs and I know I'm in trouble. We have plenty of bags we can take its just I'd like to take the minimum number of bags. So off Jonathan goes to the airport to check these 2 rubbermaids.

- Oh, and someone is going to take away my computer today it needs to go into storage.
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