Saturday, July 24, 2010

I don't know how to be an American parent and other insecurities

What really strikes me since coming back to the states is that I don't know how to be a parent of child in United States. @ has never really had many friends before. We've tried but somehow it just doesn't seem to work out. So this whole idea of @ going out to play with the boys up the way, I just don't know what to do. And honestly it isn't trying to over mother him, its really I don't want him to be in the way of the other mom. And he probably isn't but I don't want to be that mom that is always dumping my kid on someone else. They're welcome to play here but they always seem to wander there way up there. So that is kind of my thing. @'s really, all in all, for a 5/6 yr old boy, very trustworthy- and he isn't a gifted liar, his nature is honest so he's easy to see through. And the mom is a nice lady but I haven't had a chance to visit with her much so that she will know that I'm not that lady from some other place that is a moochy mom. How is non-moochy momness communicated in United States?

Actually I think that is the only thing I'm feeling insecure about at the moment.
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