Sunday, August 01, 2010


We'll do a little recap of the things going on in my brain over the last few weeks.

- America is full of hand sanitizer. And its in some really illogical places. Some good ones, like next to the computer station at the public library. Some less clear, inside and outside the hotel entrance. Leaving me wondering which one to use.

- America is full of surveys. We've been buying a fair number of things this last month as we try to put together a house, maternity clothes, back to US kind of things. Every reciept begs the honor of my opinion, for which Target, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Land's End, Walmart, Sears, Kohl's, CVS, Walgreens etc would like to pay me.

- Since coming back to the states, I've longed for a clothesline. I got one put in and when I'm home to do laundry, its rainy and overcast.

- We have been on the road a bit in the month of July and we're hoping to settle down a bit in August.

- I have misgivings on a daily basis about putting @ in school this year. I liked Sonlight SO MUCH and I know as a statistical reality that it was a great schooling program for @. I'm ordering the sonlight catalog anyway because we'll use those as our family read alouds this year.

- Not knowing what school @ is supposed to go to only makes the school/homeschool problem worse.

- Americans are gloomy these days (or at least the national projection is). And that is too bad because good ole' America is still doing ok. People are still basically good. They are generous and kind. They are clever and smart. They still have alot even if it isn't in the way of jobs and money. Cheer up America, you still have a lot left you in. That's the kind of girl you are.

- America is hot. I love going places and there is free wireless everywhere- and its unlimited service.

- My bananas go bad to quickly in United States. And I know how to be choosy about bananas. sigh.

- I love cereal choices in United States. I really could just eat cereal everyday and be a happy girl. And with coupons and adverts, I get to make lots of choices.

I think I'll go make a cereal choice just now.
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