Sunday, October 17, 2010

the wee small hours of the morning

Its not quite "wee" at the moment, but I've been up for a while. I laid in bed for a while trying to breath laying down but it didn't seem to be in the cards. Breathing is easier sitting up. The boys will be asleep still for another hour or so and it is really dark in Indiana at 6:30a.m. I made the coffee, hoping the smell doesn't wake Jonathan- coffee has that effect on people, even non-coffee drinkers. Jonathan and @ are both recovering from a cold brought on by allergies. The farmer cut the corn behind the house earlier this week and I handed Jonathan the claritin. There has been lots of snoring at our house this week. But as I was up and the coffee was bubbling, I remembered being up in the wee hours when @ was first born. He wasn't one of those bad sleeping babies, he has always been a perfectly fine sleeper. But I was still up with call to prayer and found that it was easier if I started the morning on my terms, while it was still quiet, and the coffee could be allowed to bubble and the morning sounds were quiet. And that is what I find this morning. The furnace kicked on, the coffee has finished bubbling and is now sighing and in a few weeks a new baby will hopefully still be snoozing in the borrowed cradle in our bedroom. And those are all very happy, hopeful thoughts I think. And the coffee tastes lovely. Wondering if I should risk the smell of cinnamon rolls to really add icing to the mornings tranquility? Maybe in an hour or so.
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