Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my nook color part 2

In December I finally got Jonathan into a Barnes and Noble. I left him at the nook booth that greeted him when he walked in the store. The friendly attendant gave Jonathan the same easy sales pitch- Sold. I came back (after having bought him a birthday present) and he was going through the same lovely features in his head but in a more conservative bent. So we started talking about it. We went to every store that sells a nook or a kindle or any e-reader. We made everyone run us through the sales pitch. Why this one over that one? We read the websites. We asked the opinion of friends. We checked in with our local library to see the formats that they support. The more we came back to it, the more we were sold on the nook. And then we had friends that bought a nook after doing the same homework. Buying the same thing your friends have seems silly but think about it, you want something in common with a friend (or we do). Then the question became 2 or 1. Something I know about myself is that I don't share well. Jonathan does ok but I don't. And I had in mind that this would be a homeschool reader, meaning it would be in competition with Jonathan's work and study schedule. So we took the plunge and ordered two. They arrived perfectly in time to be wrapped and put under the Christmas tree.

So my sales pitch to you:
- The color is stinking fun. There you have it, I'm vain.
- google books is super user friendly just like most everything google does.
- nook supports Epub files, document, excel and pdf. jon's using it at a conference this week.
- if your friend has a nook, you can lend books to each other. kindle maybe able to do this now too.
- slide an sd card into the nook and you have as much storage as you could imagine.
- when you are in a BN store, you can read any book for an hour for free. nice if you live near a BN store and tend to hang out there.
- we need brick and mortar support and amazon isn't a brick and mortar deal.
- my mind is to buy books from a bookstore, not the same place you buy toys and toilet paper.

Some articles:
PC Magazine has a comparison article

Project Gutenberg

e-reader comparison this article loves the kindle.

google ebookstore

I'll probably write a bit more about the nook in the months ahead. We're certainly still in the honeymoon. Jonathan has gone off to a conference and before he left he loaded all of the pdf files sent to him onto the nook. He's hoping to be able to use it for notetaking inside the pdf documents. If this all works out as planned, we hope to take another step in eliminating paper.
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