Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Open Letter to Washington from Your Mother

I've been listening to your goings on enough. All I've heard for weeks is arguing and complaining. The last time I talked with you both, all I heard was blaming. Now enough! You two need to sit down and be kind to one another. If I hear one more time about you two not geting on. One more rude interrupting. One more blame. One more "he said". One more "everything is his fault". I will come up there and knock both of your heads together. Now sit down. Treat each other kindly and respectfully. Start thinking of other people. You are both so busy in thinking of your own selfish selves you haven't stopped to think about other people. Now hush it and get to work. And if you don't, so help me I will come up there.

Make mom and dad proud.
All our love,

P.S. Clean your room.
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