Wednesday, May 04, 2005

the last 3 days

This week:
* 2 meetings for work stuff Monday and Tuesday
* Baby food - 4 1/2 pounds sweet potato, 2 lbs carrots, 1 pound green beans- steamed, pureed, frozen in what use to be ice cube trays
* shopping- rain water barrels, diapers, plastics, fruits and veggies
* visiting friend in hospital across town everyday- very inconvient but a real learning experience. Got told off by the guard because visitng hours aren't posted- goofy and he knew it, which is always what makes it funny. Like I should know these things by some psychic connection.
* Sick husband
* spotty electric - makes it really tough to know if I should open the fridge, begin laundry or just sit down and wait. 10 calls to the electric company.
* repotting plants, chopping on pushes- in way over my head- quite literally.
* lots of @ play time- YES! and even some nap time - Double YES!!
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