Tuesday, May 03, 2005


getting a bit late for an aside quite honestly but I've had a thought cruising through my mind most of the afternoon. I had an adult conversation today not about my child- I like that. A challenging, thought provoking, idea shifting, curiousity of a conversation and I again feel like a person who is vaguely educated- loving that. Wonder how we teach a very large complex subject in an old book to people who only know the new book and don't really see the beauty in the old. how does the lesson of king ahaz get taught in a manageable way? how do I downsize it without loosing it? Honestly this isn't going to make a lot of sense to a good chunk of the world and that's ok. making an old book accessible and teachable? That is the thought I have stirring and has given me a challenge. will a person read 5 chapters from and old history of kings? not sure, how do we get them to try?

Quite odd to think that this was supposed to be about the more with less cookbook... a genuine mystery.
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