Monday, July 04, 2005


I've had several different thoughts on my mind the last few weeks but a very difficult time getting them out of my head and onto a post. My apologies.

My mother arrived from the U.S. a week ago. Its really nice to have her here and helping. The day she arrived was also the same day that chicken little came by to tell us the sky was falling. Indeed some aspect of it was and we've been picking up the pieces of it since. Our house has taken on more clutter to an amazing degree. Somehow we've managed to put another families belongings in our house to wait for their return (not a good thing).

@ has been busy cutting in a million teeth. He got one on his bottom shelf and was unhappy about it for three days. My poor mom didn't know what to make of this crying feverish child. Sunday turned out to be a nice day and Monday was better still. He is getting back to his old self but still seems a bit more exhausted and ready for his naps. I suppose its hard work on such a little body.

For a week we've been living in reaction mode and I simply hate it. Things keep popping up that were on my radar (but had a fallen off the minute chicken little told us about the weather) and now I'm left reacting. Today I'm supposed to host someone for lunch that I had completely forgotten about and I'm supposed to go to teach this morning. Jonathan is left in charge of child and lunch. Tomorrow I had planned to leave town so I cleared an appointment. Then last evening I remembered another one that I can't clear. I've been putting off planning and prepartion trying to get rid of the visible clutter. No matter, this morning I've awoken with a fresh vision, all things new.
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