Wednesday, August 17, 2005


We just got back from vacation and I'm feeling especially free and relaxed presently. We spent a night at the fancy hotel here and pretended that we were somewhere else. Swimming, watching TV channels (YAY news channels), taking long baths and not worrying about how much water I'm using (YAY). Fun stuff. Anyway I've had time to just reflect a bit. These are the odds and ends from the last few days:

- Finished Harry Potter 6. Sad day. Still working out how i feel about it (yes, its a book and I have to work out how I feel, something isn't right here). I'm really sad about the character that went astray. I want to believe that there is a twist because I just, yeah, there is something about him. Still wondering what Harry's parents did for a living? That preoccupies my thoughts. I don't know why.
- Loving catching up Leah H.'s life. Reading her all the time. If I had talent one I would link her.
-New friends from Texas here. Able to show them a little hospitality. Just in town on their way to fly out and we have had lovely visits together. In their kindness they brought Jonathan Axis and Allies, Amanda Reese’s Cups and left us a CD by Jason Upton. Listening to it just now and am loving it. The sounds of a genuine hope.
-Watching coverage of the Gaza pullout. Deeply saddened, deeply overjoyed. What it must be to leave your home but also what it most be to have land. I’m from Illinois and there is something about the good earth that just beats within me. I’m eager to see this be a success. I’ve often wondered what success would look like in Israel/ Gaza/ West Bank and I wonder if this isn’t it. Don’t get this wrong, I’m not commenting on this out of some interest in prophecy. I don’t know that much. I’m interested in seeing history unfold in what might be a positive way. This I must say, and if by bizarre chance there is some settler reading this, don’t take it the wrong way, but I hope that the settlers can respect law and leave kindly and quietly. I’m sure none of the Israeli soldiers want to forcibly remove people from their homes, but that is there job. We all get jobs we don’t want sometimes and it just seems that it is always nice when someone makes your yucky job easier. Take your beef to Ariel Sharon, he’s asked for it.
-I’ve been thinking about this and I think I have a bit of a hobbit in me. What I miss so often about Illinois is the land. Just land. Something about good dirt and earth, growing. I haven’t read those books, too much hype at the time. Now I’ve got the whole movie thing to contend with. I really loved the movies and I don’t want to screw up me liking the movies. I think I’m going to get around to it too. That and jonathan has told me all about them a million times. I have a hard time reading books that people tell me too much about. I have to forget the telling before I can read the book. Maybe soon. The hype has died down now.
-Thinking about @’ 12 month vaccines. It is one thing to witness the vaccine quite another to administer them. I think he has to have the MMR and I’m not wild about giving it to him. I’ve read just enough research on Autism Spectrum Disorders to be a little gun shy but I’ve also read enough counter research to be a little befuddled. I’ve been going on the give them as the AAP says and pray for his will and my willingness. Still I don’t get real excited and I’m always a whole lot nervous.
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