Sunday, November 20, 2005

a great day

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Its going to be a great day today.  Incredibly busy but still great.  We're having a thing with water and there will be food after.  A good friend is doing the thing and so we're excited.  Its fun to see all of our conversations finally come to this end. 
Made lots of food for today.  I've become really accustomed to making big meals.  You would think I have a huge family.  A friend I worked with once had a big family. She had 5 kids (3 boys, 2 girls) and they lived and worked out on a farm.  Raised hogs, planted, the whole mess.  She worked 2 1/2 days a week and we visited together a lot during that time.  She was also something like a deaconess at her church so she was in charge of funeral dinners, wedding receptions, anything involving coffee, tea, treats, and fellowship she had a hand in.  This along with 5 kids that were in that young college age, so they are at home but not really always at home.  they still helped out on the farm alot and were real active with their local church.  So when we would talk she would say things like "having some of kid's friends over tomorrow for a sing.  making 3 pans of bars tonight and I've got my roast ready for the crock pot.  Husband /kid is supposed to start the potatoes at XX time."  This woman made "bars" about 5 times a week.  By "bars" she met some kind of bar cookie or brownie.  "Going to the store tonight to order the rolls for church.  Need to call certain factory about getting more large coffee filters for the brewers at church."  This would be the conversation we're having at the same time that she would get a ring on her Nextel.  Her husband needs her to run to certain part factory on the far side of bloomington to get XYZ part for the XYZ tractor, machine etc.  So after she got off work at 3:30 this is what she would do.  She was a dear, servant of a woman. Really miss our conversations together but I think about her alot. 
Somedays the tally of my day is:  Washing 5 loads of clothes (we have a small washer, like 1/3 of the US washers), make tea/ coffee for visitors, make cookies for tomorrow's visitors, go to grocery to buy 10lbs of tomatoes to make sauce for casserole for day 3's visitors and take care of small child while showing some measure of grace. 
This isn't to say that I'm overworked or I don't love what I do;  quite the contrary really.  Honestly this is all just to say that there is a lot to do (just like you all have a lot to do on any given day) but somedays have nicer surprises than others. 
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