Friday, February 03, 2006

Public Libraries ROCK!!!

So I am at the Greenfield Public Library in Indiana. We moved into the house that belongs to a church and love it. Its darling. For the most part we have things unpacked. Lots of grocery shopping but now we are set. The thing we still lack is a computer. Both are now dead. The Gateway is being shipped today. The borrowed computer got returned to its real owner, it took on a virus and we couldn't recover anything. So we are computer less and information less. Yuck. We ordered a new classy Dell and should be getting it next week. Then we are pirating wireless. Actually I'm going to move into the Library. We found a fitness center too. Very happy about both things.

This afternoon I'm setting up a scrapbook table and Jonathan is setting up a reading nook in our huge bedroom.

So far we are loving being hoosiers. What does that really mean?
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