Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I went to my first MOPS meeting today and MAN ALIVE! I didn't know that this was like a big deal thing. You kind of think "oh mom's getting together with their kids, like a big playgroup." Really how exhausting does that sound. But there was this terrific organization. A sign in table, a pamphlet and kid info table, a book cart, a table of extra sign ups and info. Then there was food, I didn't know there was food. I have a name badge, they put me in a discussion group, I made a basket (bizarre). It was like a real production. Everyone was nice to me too. I get a little nervous these days leaving the house because I don't know what is going to happen and when you have like 5 million semi new experiences every week, sometimes it gets hard to want to leave the house and go to one that is sure to overwhelm you. And yeah, I was overwhelmed but people were nice and there were some of the same women that I met last week in Women's Bible Study. So I'm beginning to feel like i know some people. Oh and i had a friend to sit next to that I met in last week's bible study. She just moved to town from the next town over, so she kind of knows people but she is still learning some of the ropes.

So a good day for me.

What I've been doing. Getting caught up on some scrapbooking stuff. Put together a travel Africa picture book. Less photo than the big family one but also less writing. What I've found is that people as much as they say want to read "everything" "everything" is really a lot. So the 5x7 album gives them the amount of "everything" that they can read in the 5-10 minutes that they get to stand around. So that was productive.

Cooking. The kitchen is small but its mine and I have time to cook. I miss my W alot when I start cooking. Its been a long time since i made lasagna 1) because you couldn't get lasagna noodle in NEA 2) because W made the lasagna and everything else. She would get a little bent out of shape when I did the cooking around the house. She tried to hide it but really you could tell. Bent out of shape in a polite houseworker way.
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