Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Computers

Finally settled and am nearing a time when I’ll be able to sit down and blog again semi- regularly. I’ve had lots of little writing points going through my head for some weeks now. Oddities that I’ve spent time thinking about and others that I wanted to put on hold to give a really good mulling over. It’s hard putting thoughts on hold, inevitably I forget them. Quite certain that I’m missing out on beautiful little wonders.

Plan for the moment: enjoy life and relax a bit. Our town has a starbucks and if not a wonderful coffee joint, it offers a bit of a haven; even if it is a bit trendy. I miss Africa for this reason. Sweet little places to sit and mull with good coffee. Starbucks is good coffee but it is disgustingly trendy. Watch Katie Couric this morning and she is exploring Rome in the days before the Olympics. My home in Africa is so much like Italy. I think the climate is better though. Katie was wearing a sweater and coat, my corner of Africa would never tolerate that.

Haven’t heard helicopters in a few weeks and I have to tell you my blood pressure is settling. Hearing more bad news from home and I’m alternately thankful and sad. Don’t know exactly what to do with that. Sang some song at church the other day about coming to God with my “stockpile of pain”, my “dread of nowhere to go”. Yeah, I got that. Daily releasing it is the discipline. Growing out of it. Thinking about trees that are reborn out of the dead stump. And (this is terrible) but in one of the Harry Potter books (I think its #2), Dumbledore talks about the Phoenix being an amazing creature, able to carry remarkably heavy loads, its tears have healing powers and it is reborn out of the ashes of itself. Wondering how Christ like that is…

Off to get a haircut. Probably going to be too daringly short as it is crazy cold here in the Indy area.
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