Saturday, March 04, 2006


Somethings that I have been enjoying lately:

- the new gym membership. Folks back from Africa have to think about their waistlines a little. I walk a whole lot more there and eat a whole lot less sugar and chocolate chips (yeah, they've both been my daily compainion since being back). Anyway the Gym ROCKS! They just opened a sauna, which I didn't think I would be into, but its soo nice. Smells like wood, good wood. And its just dry and hot. Lovely. They also have some other nifty machines that I'm enjoying. Also, Great childcare!

-Chocoalte Chip Oatmeal cookies with peanut butter from the mennonite cookbook. Love that cookbook.

- Cooking. I've been cooking up a storm lately. "Food of Love" around the clock at our house. Actually some of it has been taking meals to folks from church. A lot of hardship going on around here lately.

But the recipes from "Taste of Home" that I've been wishing I could make are finally getting accomplished and sadly, I'm finding more throw aways than keepers. I made s'more muffins the other day. Nah, not that great. In fact a week later and no one has taken the last one. Today we're trying slow cooker mac n cheese. I've never made mac n cheese from scratch, never saw the point really. I'm hoping this is a keeper. The recipes from "Extending the Table" are definitely keepers though. WOW!

- Scrapbooking and thinking about scrapbooking. That's dumb but I really enjoy the process. Jonathan's going to let me work on some of his pictures from his childhood and his trip to Turkana. I think he may be getting into a little too.

- Blockbuster online. Dig the whole thing. Its like Netflix only I also get free weekly instore coupons. So far we have given the thumbs up to:
"The Constant Gardener" - don't read the book watch the movie.
" Pride and Prejudice"- surprisingly good adaptation even if the director got it wrong thinking that the mother was a good person. She was awful. Jane Austen would agree with me.
"Happenstance"- Thanks
- Introducing @ to the joys of having a yard to play in. We didn't have one in our house in Africa and I was sorry for him. Boys should have a yard to safely explore. This yard is lovely and has a fence so all we have to do is shut the gates and let the kid go. The days need to get a little warmer. I'll only let him be out about 5-10 minutes because I really don't want another ear infection. But slides are in the kid's future.
- Need to start taking pictures again. I put down the camera at some point and haven't really picked it back up again. I suppose as we feel more settled...
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