Tuesday, March 07, 2006

curious aside

Seriously, I'm not that smart. So in my last blog I deleted the shout out to Just Pete for giving us "Happenstance" and somehow highlighted the whole last half of my blog to go to his website, in Pink no less. I don't know how these things happen but I have and idea this means I won't be making it as a proofreader. Awful. The part I'm mostembarrassed about is the highlighting in Pink. I try to be very thoughtful about the color I use to highlight in and I try never to use pink. So sorry about that.

Shout Out to Gretchen though over at "moments of clarity by Gretchen". She handed off new Sara Groves to me and it has been waking me up the last few mornings (nifty cd alarm my husband got for me a zillion years ago). Lot that I woke up this morning being reminded that "Love wash over a multitude of things" and these days there is a multitude of things that needs love washed over it. So thanks Gretchen for the improtu gift.
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