Monday, March 20, 2006

on the road again

Wrote a really long blog about where we have been and how I've been feeling about it and really it isn't that big of a deal. Point of fact: we've been on the road since Last Wednesday the 15th and won't be back in Indy area until this Wednesday. A little run down:
Wednesday 15: on the road to IL for dentist appointments
Thursday 16: Senior citizens speaking thing
Friday 17: 6th grade class speaking thing (loads of fun)
Saturday 18: marriage conference NOT a speaking thing
Sunday 19: Class speaking thing
Monday 20: Day off, waiting for the snow to start flying, hope to make serious progress in "The DaVinci Code" (which may or may not be a pagan awful book but it is a THRILLER!! Its good when you can call it by page 40).
Tuesday 21: Drive to Spfld. Chill with Jessica and Lucas, skip the Grudes (think they are still gone), speak to a women's group
Wednesday 22: Drive to Indy, speak to a group that evening.
We're really praying for easy driving days but the weather is promising 5-8 inches of blowing snow on our interstates. Nice...

Big plan for Thursday, reading, laundry and huddling in our little house.

Oh, more good news. A browse through our things in the basement revealed my bread book for the bread machine. Fresh bread and cold days...yes.
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