Monday, March 20, 2006

seriously upset

I've been trying to get a blog up for the past two days but somehow the connection keeps timing out and so when I hit "Publish Post" the silly thing is gone.

Little update on where we have been
Wednesday 15: on the road, dentist appointment in IL
Thursday 16: senior citizens speaking thing
Friday 17: 6th grade class speaking thing BIG FUN
Sat 18: Marriage conference NOT a speaking thing (very thankful for Tommy Oakes)
Sunday 19: Class speaking thing
Monday 20: Day off, watching the weather man tell us bad news about our drive tomorrow YUCK! cleaning up grandma's house so that it only looks like a small whirlwind went through.
Tuesday 21: Drive to spfld. Skip the grudes (think they are still out of town). Hang with Jessica and Lucas, looking forward to watching the boys. Women's group speaking thing that evening.
Wednesday 22: Drive to Indy a.m. Small group speaking thing that evening.
Thursday 23: Chill at home! Fresh bread from the breadmaker and back to my friend the ellyptical machine and sauna. Love our health club. Plan on lots of DaVinci code reading.
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