Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday morning

Stayed out scrapbooking last evening at the Daisy Lane and got home happy and tired. Woke up this morning to verywet child in his crib. Took care of that situation and then checked on the Beta Fish. Dead Beta Fish. We just got the Beta friday afternoon and I followed all of the directions and read all the material. Saturday the Beta didn't eat but the material said the first few days they spend adjusting to the new environment so maybe they won't eat (sounded fishy at the time). I checked in on him a couple of times yesterday and today we have dead Beta.

Definitely returning fish to pet shop with their "aquarium water" they talked me into buying. 7 day guarantee on fish when you buy their "aquarium water".

Gretchen's girls could build him a little beta grave.

The good people at PetTropics quickly gave me a coupon for another Beta no questions asked. Quite nice. But I guess when I went in they were completely out of Beta's. Someone had come in and bought their whole stock. Odd, what does one do with 15-20 Beta Fish? Don't need to know. Jonathan suspects it was Carni's up at the Broom Corn fest. You have to have them for the games he said.
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