Monday, February 26, 2007

maybe a victory

Today we went to the airport with 6 bags to check weight and for the first time in all of our travels we would have been cleared to fly as is. No excess baggage, there are 3 passengers so we get 6 free. We have one bag that is at 76lbs and because everything else was so far under (55 and 61 lbs) we probably would have been allowed to skate with the 76. Problem is we get home and double check with united that international luggage allottment is still 70 lbs or 30 kgs and it looks like united has come down to 50lbs/ bag. Our ticket information still looks like it reads 70lbs but we may still need to do some thinking. Resisting the temptation to worry. I'll talk to United tomorrow.

So proud of the work that we have gotten done though. We've never been this far ahead of the game or felt so good about it.

Bath time is over.
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