Thursday, February 22, 2007

too wierd

We've been having problems downloading messages to our Outlook for like 2 months. We didn't change the settings and suddenly it wouldn't work. No idea why. Jonathan spent a day this week looking through things and still can't really figure out what is going on. The problem is that the account is our business and professional account and so it has been difficult to get messages out in a timely fashion. At the same time we are getting spammed on that account. SIGH frustration. Well suddenly, just now the outlook downloaded 2 months of messages. Sigh, mystery. If you have the secure account go ahead and zip us and email.

In other news: Packing continues. 3 trips to goodwill and I'm working on another. The things that are out we technically are taking with us. I'm going through the scrapbook box right now trying to glean. Sigh, I NEED it all.

Now what is that about the need...
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