Thursday, May 31, 2007

about magic beans

So when we moved into our house, the freezer had a bean bag in it. Which I thought was pretty friendly. The house also had 2 potty chairs in it so we knew that it was a message to potty train @. And the beans told us that there may in fact be accidents waiting for little people. Both have happened. I started calling them "magic beans" because it added the necessary mystique necessary for @ to let me put the cold thing on his head we he bumped it. Now @ asks for Magic Beans when he gets a bump. He rarely puts it on the bump but he hold them in his hand and they seem to bring him some comfort. Obviously these beans have magical powers. Well the last few days @ has been asking for them in the evenings to help him settle toward bed. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Last night I asked for him to bring the beans to the freezer at bedtime. I told him that the magic beans need to be in the freezer when we're not using them. Out of nowhere Jonathan suggests that maybe they aren't magic beans, maybe they could just be beans. We've been doing this for 3 months and it seems a little late in the game for us to start discussing the qualities of magic the beans possess. That and I was shocked that my newly decreed Master of Arts husband should be such a wet blanket. Shouldn't someone with a Master of Arts (he likes the plural form) be ok with having Magic Beans in his house for his son? He wants them to be "special beans". When asked to comment just now he said that magic was a science not an art.

See what I'm dealing with.
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