Sunday, November 04, 2007


We've had the occassion to re-watch some of our childhood favorites with @ over the last year. Before we left the states last year, we went through the christmas sales racks and bought some videos that we liked as kids. We got the muppets and then some we thought we wouldn't mind @ watching, Seasame Street, Thomas etc. Since being here we have been really blessed by gifts from friends. A friend here left this summer and left us a stack of some 30 DVDs and VCDs. Annie was in the stack and @ loves it. Then we sent to the states for Mary Poppins and somewhere along the way we picked up "The Jungle Book" from Disney. But in watching all of these over and over again I've come to a new appreciation of some old favorites and found a few new favorites.

- Carol Burnett is a genius! I've watched "Annie" in bits and pieces probably 100 times over the last 6 months. The woman is a physical comedy genius. Love her. Then I was reading the other day she is 74 yrs old and thinking how is that. I've read too that she lives in alot of pain because of the number of falls and dives she's taken. Boy, oh, I love watching her sing and move in Annie. Terrific.

- Dick Van Dyke. Another genius. The guy can move. I thought Julie Andrews was the stand out in "Mary Poppins", no way, its Dick Van Dyke. He dances in every scene that he is in and you've just got to watch his body move. He has these huge long legs and the guy just moves. I can't get enough of him.

- Thomas and Bob. Two great shows that are about being a good friend and being really useful and reliable. I think that is wonderful. And they are translated into local language so @ and I are learning to be "really useful and reliable" and in two languages. Yes, WE CAN. This has been helpful at our house when @ says "I can't put on my shoes." "I can't..." The question comes "Can you do it?" "YES I CAN!" This gets him into school too, with the question "Can you listen and obey?" "Yes, I can!"
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