Friday, November 02, 2007

rains have come

Another week of language school finished. I'm not at the stage of senioritis of counting days and weeks but I'm beginning to think about it. I've progressed to the dangerous stage of language learning to be able to functionally fluent (that is not a technical term). I can go places without to many worries or problems. I'm able to communicate in most situations that arise. But I can't go deep deep in conversations without having problems and my structure gets a little dicey. I can read but it does still take a dictionary. So I know I need to continue and that the program is working. Still the finish line of formal education is in sight again and that sounds nice.

The rains have come. So thankful. No rain for like 5 or 6 months really can wear on a person. It gone from being 86F in our office at 7:00p.m. to being 77F at 7:00 p,m. So awesome. We don't really need a fan on to sleep now. Two weeks ago I gave serious thought to buying a unit AC for our bedrooms. When its getting toward season change the temperature spikes the week or two before. I've been waiting on the umbrella and finally got caught in 2 downpours. I relented and got out the umbrella yesterday. I got the Columbia raincoat today, love this coat. Its a men's XL so it goes down to my knees and I can wear my backpack underneath and button it. Great coat bought at the K's merchandise closeout sale for 15$. Love it.

@ is at a fun stage of development. I can now trust him to play with the other kids in the neighborhood with limited supervision. He plays nicely and for the most part I can trust where he is going to be. He knows the boundaries and that I still check up on him but now I can look away. I'm praying that this increases his language ability. He finally fits into the social dynamic a little better. He's younger than most of the kids by at least 2 years but still they let him run after and are kind. He still bursts into song sometimes, Veggie Tales or Annie showtunes. The other kids don't know or understand these songs so its a real source of laughter for them. I think its harder for me to see them laugh than it is for @. Such is life.
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