Sunday, November 18, 2007

unit 7 progress report

Just a picture because it occurs to me I haven't put one here for a while.
We've been finishing up another unit of language this last week. Also I've been itching alot which has kept me busy. Monday and Tuesday found my face looking much better if not somewhat chemical burned and then Wednesday morning I woke up itching again. This time we think I'm allergic to peanuts. My nice houseworker made us peanut oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and thus the breakout again. The rash isn't as bad but I've still been itching alot. But I love peanut butter and one of my favorite local dishes is chicken kebab with peanut sauce. Sigh. Definitely going to an allergist. New tv now has an antenna that is high enough to catch a signal. We've been trying to watch some local news every evening and sometimes catch a cartoon or local program for @. I'm enjoying watching commericals again. One of my favorite things about watching TV in another country is the commercials. There hilarious. And its the right amount of language to understand. Longer programs take more concentration and that is sometimes hard to give. But the detergent commercials or deodorant commercials are great. You always know they are telling you how wonderful the product is, how life changing it is. Our next unit of language starts on thanksgiving day. Not thrilled about this. Really would love a longer break. They are moving me into the morning class from 8 -10. I've always been in the afternoon, first from 1-4 then from 1-3. It means @ has to start riding the bus by himself to school which I think he can do but I'm nervous about. I also have to rearrange the routine of our day, not so sure about that. Jonathan will go from 10-12 as normal. The hope is that @ will start taking naps again in the afternoon, if only for an hour. Its only 4 weeks and then we have a break for christmas. Our schedules are going to start changing a lot over the next several months. Hopefully that will also mean finding a house and thinking about moving. No list of things to get done this go around. Only 2 days off. Ok a little list but these are easy things to get done

- sort christmas card list
- make more christmas cards
- post office to post a batch of cards
- prep sunday school story
- make a funny thanksgiving hat for Thanksgiving on Saturday
- leave town for a day
- take hour long language test monday
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