Saturday, November 24, 2007

what I've finished

Instead of staying home for the two days we had off school we left town and went to a nearby city for some restocking, rest, swimming and free internet. Pretty good time except for the part where @ started throwing up. That part wasn't so good. 24 hour bug that was past by time we got back home.

What I've gotten done this week:
- Christmas shopped online and at the batik market. Nieces and Nephew gifts are done (for some reason I always think this is a big accomplishmet but its the shopping I like doing the most).

- I've made about 40 christmas cards and have about 10 ready to go to the mail tomorrow. By the end of the day I should have the neice/nephew presents ready to go to the post tomorrow also.

- Painted the bottom half of @'s room as well as several walls in the living room.

- Made 2 dishes for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. Truly a great thanksgiving with another family.

- Washed laundry

- Listened to a few local language programs and understood some of it.

- prepped for language class tomorrow

- Printing off photos for christmas cards.

Doesn't sound like as much as I thought when I was thinking it up. Sigh.
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