Sunday, December 02, 2007

last week's whirlwind

The last week has been kind of a full one. Some snapshots of the week's blessings:

-- Jonathan was stood up for a meeting only to get an amazing phone call from the offending party and an invitation to visit a new university that we didn't have a contact in previously. This univ. is looking to hire and has the paperwork in place to go straight to the work permit process, without needing to apply to hire a foriegner. This is a big step but the work permit will still take several months if we decide this is for sure the place. But it really feels like, just hoping to have the insight we need to make this decision.

-- While being stood up for said meeting, Jonathan had a chance to talk with the coffee shop owner, she needs a new houseworker to oversee house management and cooking. I happen to be looking for such a job for my houseworker. Long story short, week ends with my houseworker getting a new job that pays the same money and she doesn't have to start until Feb 1. Meaning I don't need to find a new houseworker right away.

-- We got another extention on our visa without a problem. This means that we should be able to get the fourth one with begging. Last time we had to beg for the third one and they said we needed to go. When we go back for the fourth we should be able to beg and show tickets and they'll give us the fourth. It doesn't make sense but its a good thing.

-- Because jonathan is going down for this round of meet & greet, I get to take a day off school. First time I've played hookey in 8 units of language and really I am going down for a real reason. Jonathan is going to be meeting and greeting and I'm going to walk the campus with @ thinking over the situation and feeling the situation. Sounds dumb yes, but our experience shows that jon and i work well together this way, when we can both discern the situation at the same time even if we aren't in the same space.

-Going to use the trip to the city for a little christmas decoration shopping, christmas tree, lights and maybe something to make into an ornament or two. Sent out 3 dozen christmas cards and I'm feeling really too cool about that one.
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