Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas eve

I've been baking most of the day which has been really fun. @ helped me make hard wheat rolls this morning as part of Jonathan's christmas present. Then I wanted to have cinnamon rolls in the morning so I got on to making the dough for them. While I was waiting for sweet roll dough to rise, I made chocolate chip cookies. I wanted to make christmas cut out with @ today but my friend with the good recipe can't find the recipe at the moment. She's looking but I think it might be fun for @ and I to do that tomorrow on Christmas afternoon in one of the toy lulls.

Really enjoying some free time the last few days. After finishing school this week and all of our christmas programs, I was ready for a break. Did I mention how surprisingly wonderful @'s school program turned out to be? The program was great, hookie but great. Yes, it broke all the politically correct rules, but in doing so they were an equal opportunity offender. I suppose if you offend every culture in the world at least you haven't offended them by leaving them out. But thankfully they put the meaning of christmas into the thing and that was kind of a big deal with me. We sang christmas songs in 2 languages and not just jingle bell rock, which I don't consider a christmas song.

So tonight my husband is taking us to dinner at nice hotel restaurant here in town. Doesn't sound like the "right" way to celebrate christmas but we are discovering there is no "right" way. Every year we seem to do it a little bit differently. Our christmas' are almost always missing some of the people we love but I think what I'm learning that it doesn't matter so much. We work now more for meaning and rest more than for seeing everybody and finding the right gift. And this year, at least for Jonathan, he has very few presents under the tree, but many on the stove top and in the freezer.
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