Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wild Kingdom

mmmSo the last week around here has seen us kill 500 ants and termites. No Joke, No exaggeration. I mean, we didn't count them all each time we made a kill that really would have been absurd but each time we swept the floor we couldn't see the white cement tiles anymore. I sat on the corner of the bed, tuesday evening (birthday/ anniversary), and saw the bugs moving around inside the skelton key lock of the door. Jonathan went and got the spray and over the next hour ants and termites dripped out of the door lock as they seized to their death. Bizarre! It really was one of those National Geographic's that you kind of can't take your eyes off of. So we swept all night. Our bedroom door was covered with them at various points.

Woke up the next morning to a cockroach dead at our bedroom door. Larger than normal spider tracking across the floor. And more dead ants and termites to sweep up. And it has been raining buckets every afternoon which means we are guaranteed more of the same. As long as the water stays outside, something we aren't feeling confident about, we should be ok.

By the by, these are carpenter ants. Pretty much our bedroom door is hollow, its only paint at this point.
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