Sunday, December 09, 2007

peanut butter lament

It seems that I've narrowed down what I'm allergic to and that seems to be peanuts. I'm not so much fond of just eating peanuts so that isn't really the problem so much as is peanut butter. I love peanut butter. Deeply, deeply, deeply love peanut butter. Its was my go to snack of choice. Little munchy, need some quick energy, peanut butter and ritz crackers. No real plans for a meal, peanut butter sandwich. Thinking of making cookies but kind of tired of chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies. Tired of the same old granola recipe, need a little change, peanut butter granola. And now you start to see the whole problem. And Sundays are the worst because generally I don't make lunch here on Sundays. I make a breakfast when we get home from church at 9:30 and then I make a good dinner in the evening. Sunday lunch is normally peanut butter crackers and apple slices.

This week Jonathan made he and @ a pb sandwich and I had cereal. The cereal didn't quite do it for me and when I went to the cabinet I was greeted with the Skippy jar. That particular skippy jar has garam masala in it but still that set my mind to thinking about lunch even more. Then the problem became that I couldn't think of an option that didn't involve pb.

Going out to Singapore in a feb and I'll do allergy tests there. Hoping to get a firm grip on what is causing so many problems. If I'm not allergic to pb, I'm going right out to the store and eating a jar just to make up for lost time. But since it seems that I am, I think that I'm going to have to think of something new as my go to food of choice.

I did think about it the other day and decided an allergy to pb is better than an allergy to coffee. I'd just have to go ahead and die if I were allergic to coffee.
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