Tuesday, January 15, 2008

blankets for Ethiopia

My blog home girl, Owlhaven, has a wonderful idea that you all might like to know about and be a part of. She's got a slew of kids (10 to be exact) from all over the world, Korea and Ethiopia, mostly. Anyway she's got a sweet and good heart. Her family is going to work for a month in a hospital in Ethiopia and Owlhaven is hoping to be able to send her family with money to buy blankets for new babies. So on 1Feb Owlhaven will have a paypal link to help buy blankets in Ethiopia. She's not an NGO, or a tax deductible org or anything like that. She's just a lady trying to do some tangible good for momma's that are a little low on luck and opportunity. So if you're into helping out with that sort of thing, head on over to her site.

We here at Curious Aside, like Ethiopia. We like most of North Africa and hold her especially dear. And because God understands the needs of our hearts, my sister Gretchen is going to bring home a bit of Ethiopia and make me an Ethiopian Aunt sometime in the next year.
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