Wednesday, January 23, 2008

stuff I don't want to touch

2 Days before moving and we are really in good moving shape. Mostly today I need to try to keep down my gag response to touching stuff I don't want to touch. There are always the papers the random bits of string, the half crayon/ pencil, the broken thing that you've been avoiding touching because really it needs to be tossed but there could be a use to maybe I should keep them. The thought of maybe I could need this is a real bother to me. The attempt at not being wasteful is a real burden. So I have these piles of things I don't want to touch. And then the boxes of stuff we still need but there is no organization to the box it is going in. I hate that. So they are just boxes of stuff, you can't write "office" or "kitchen" on the box because the stuff comes from all over. Hate that too.

This morning I got a notice from our bank of an ATM transaction that was posted yesterday. We didn't draw money yesterday. So this is either a late posting transaction, which happens... oh that's write you had a holiday on monday, oh I hope that is it. But it could also be bank fraud, which we've been waiting to happen. Credit card/ Bank Fraud is rampant here and its happened to lots of people we know here. Just kind of a fact of life. But because of Martin Luther King Jr. I will take a little hope.

@ woke last night and I put him back to bed as usual. An extra hug, kiss and prayer and the boy said "Tonight I dream of SLOP". He can quote all kinds of G rated movies. Charlotte's Web is a the current favorite.
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