Thursday, January 24, 2008

easy come, easy go

On Sunday I hired a houseworker in our new city to start work on Friday. Today I found out that my new houseworker kind of quit. She can't really quit because she didn't really work for us, she was just pledged to us I guess.

So houseworker's husband moved away for a construction job. He's been there about 9 months but since November houseworker has not heard from him. No money, no phone calls. Well friend working at construction job came back home to our new city and told houseworker that her husband's married another woman and left houseworker. She of course is distraught and decides to march on up there and give husband what for. She thinks better of that plan and sends a friend who was going anyway but her plan is to stay here. Well this week she hears from husband who has been wrongly accused, he didn't take up with anyone else, but he wants her to move up to be near him with the family. So that is how my not quite houseworker becomes my former not quite houseworker. She's actually moving on Friday when she was supposed to start work for me. Sigh...

Of course your asking "why didn't she call/email etc?" Well she doesn't have any of those things and neither does husband. They had been calling from friends' phones etc. I have no idea why communication broke down though.

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