Sunday, January 27, 2008

moved in

Has that been the title of a post before? I suspect so. But we are. We closed out the house yesterday by 9:30 and had all of our belongings in the new house by 12:30. That is with an hour and a half of drive time. I call that impressive. It really was an easy move. Houseworker stayed an cleaned out the house for about 30 minutes after we left.

So of course it wasn't necessarily without the moving road bumps. When we first moved into the house in March 07, we showed up about 5:30p.m. (late flights the night before), flipped on the lights, and the lights didn't come on. Seems the guy who was guarding the house between tenants hadn't paid the bills. So we went on to a hotel for the night and the landlord straightened it out first thing in the morning. Well as we are moving out we had another utility speed bump. A few weeks ago we had had a few days without water so we had been extra careful this last week. Good thing because Thursday proved to be our last day of water, but of course no one told us that. Friday morning we woke up and the main tank was empty which surprised us because that tank normally fills in the night. No huge deal we have a second tank. Well as we are sitting at breakfast, a huge water truck from the water company shows up and pulls down the alley street. So Jonathan goes out and asks, it seems that a water pipe has burst and they are here to fill buckets for the neighborhood. So Jonathan and I begin filling our house cisterns and helping neighbors with buckets. Granted we are moving out the next morning but we are also needing to clean house and we haven't had a bath. Turns out to be a real blessing because one of the ladies we helped ended up buying our extra tank and we were able to help her move it down and fill it with water. So yeah, that house had a few utility problems.

As for our new house, the guys aren't done with my kitchen. We're hoping Wednesday but no promises. A little miffed (they've had 3 weeks on not that big of a job) but the house is such a blessing that I'm willing to look past it. We're working on getting things in there places while still having the fridge and stove in the living room. In better news, this new washing machine I bought is heaven. I did 4 loads today (no water meant rationing, which means no clothes washing for 5 days) and she is such a pleasure of a machine. Something I haven't said for a while.

Happy Feet is almost over, so its bed time.
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